"I work with sculpture in a time-consuming process that serves as a platform for examining the human condition. The works often contain reprocessed, delicate plant material. Therefore, they aren’t constant, but are undergoing small, change processes over time. This is part of the works and of their interpretation. The frailty of existence has proven to be an inexorable theme in my work.

For some time now, I’ve had an interest in the relationship between things that exist and my reaction to them; and also, in the relations between permanence and ephemerality. I have drawn parallels between them and the preconditions of our human life, our wishes and actions. I often pick up plant parts that I rebuild with a collage-like technique, and sometimes combine them with with other materials.

I hope that my works provide a poetic insight into our physical world, and create the spark to delve into our own non-physical human existence. "

Charlotta Östlund (b. 1973 in Sweden) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.
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